ANDYBROOK frames are conceptualised and imagines in France, in our offices by William and Jonathan, two opticians who decided to takethe challenge of crerating a brand combining quality and affordable prices. Once the creative process is done our frames are brought to life in chinese manufactures that are carefully selected based on their expertise and experience on producing high quality frames. The last but not the least step happens in our warehouse in France where the frames are controlled by our team to make sure that we will deliver you high quality products.

“Once on Andybrook.fr website click on the professional E-shop link. After filling in the mandatory fields your request will be sent for evaluation. You will be informed in the 2 hours following your account activation. You will then have access to our e-shop highlighting all products and indivudal prices and will be able to process orders.
NB. : only opticians will be eligible to become an ANDYBROOK customer as we don’t sell products to non professionals.”

If you are a new client we will ask you a minimum order of 30 pieces to open up your account. If you already are a customer then there won’t be a minimum number of pieces for an order. Transport costs will be depending on the shipping country.

All ANDYBROOK frames are covered by a 12 months factory warranty which covers any production or assembly defaults that would occur during the production process. Misuses, breakages or deterioration due to excessive wear of the consumer are not covered.
You can contact the after sales service by:

1- Email at sav@andybrook.fr
You will need to specify the store details, the product refence including the colour code and a picture of the faulty product, in case of a request sent without a picture you will have to send back the damaged product back to our services.

2- Using your profile on our website using the SAV (after sales) access.

3- Phone by dialing +33 1 84 60 88 88
Selecting “Service après Vente (SAV)” on the voice server options.

All over the french market you will find sales agent available to come and visit you in store. For other countries this will be depending on each specific markets.
You can contact us at +33 1 84 60 88 88, we will be able to share with you the sales agent details for your region.
However if you still desire to order on line, you can create your account by clicking in the following link. Your account will be validated under 24h, you will then be able to place your order.

As soon as your professional account is approved you will be able to connect on your profile by using the login details you have created.
Reach the product catalogue and select the products desired and add them to your chart.
Once all the products desired are added access your basket and validate your order. We do offer many payment options online : credit card (VISA/ MasterCard) and direct debit.
If you wich to pay by direct debit a SEPA document will be sent by email, your order will be validated once this document is returned signed and a RIB is provided with it.

Once your order is approved the delivery delay might vary based on your shipping address. For France it will be between 24 to 72 hours, by TNT/FEDEX or CIBLEX.

All our poroducts are shipped form our warehouse in the parisian region where we have a high vvolume of stock available.

“All eyeglasses are shipped with presentation glasses on, branded ANDYBROOK, and have been individually and carefully packed in a clear polyethylene bag than grouped by 10-15 units in a ANDYBROOK cardboard box.
Cases and microfiber cloth are provided with the frames. Yo ucan also order an extra stock if you wich so. For all opening account a POS kit will be provided to support promote the products.”

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